Singapore has distinguished itself in the Asia-Pacific region due to its accessibility, state-of-the-art infrastructure, pro-business government policies, attractive tax rates and political stability.

Naturally, it comes as no surprise that Singapore has been consistently recognized as the world’s best place to do business in the World Bank’s annual survey of 189 economies around the world.

Singapore is strategically located in the middle of key trade routes from Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East and its citizens are a unique mix of bilingual speakers, who are fully capable of conversing comfortably with their peers all over the world.

Given its small size, Singapore may be lacking in natural resources, but makes up for it with a robust trade ecosystem. Through its extensive diplomatic efforts, Singapore has established 76 Double Taxation Agreements (“DTAs”) and 20 Free Trade Agreements (“FTAs”), all of which contribute towards connecting Singapore to major economies and new markets. With DTAs and FTAs, Singapore-based exporters, investors and businesses stand to gain from benefits such as tariff concessions, preferential access to certain sectors and intellectual property protection.

Whether you’re foreign, local, or representing your company that wishes to set up a company in Singapore, HPS would be happy to advise you on how your business can benefit from the extensive range of pro-business policies, grants and tax concessions in Singapore.


Malaysia itself is well located within Asia Pacific and Asean! Malaysia with recent ranking being the top 6th country in the world as the most easiest and friendliness in doing business by World Bank! Malaysia achieves a commendable surge from 23rd  position to 6th position among 189 economies in the latest World Bank Doing Business 2014. This proof Malaysia truly on track on its economy transformation and bale to poise a place of investment welcoming foreigners!

Malaysia is ranked number one for Getting Credit, number four for Protecting Investors, number five in Trading Across Borders and is the 6th most competitive among 189 economies in the World Bank Doing Business 2014

Malaysia is a place of growth! A place of stability, affordable living with abundance of business investment opportunities in Malaysia! Malaysia welcomes foreigners! Begin your start-up in Malaysia, a perfect place to spring board of your business to the region!

The new Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012 which came into force in December 2012 introduces limited liability partnerships (LLP) as a new alternative business vehicle which offers flexibility in terms of its formation, maintenance and termination and reduction of company registration fees in Starting a Business. Entrepreneurs now have more options to choose the most preferred form of business vehicle and the introduction of LLP would benefit small businesses (start-ups), professional groups, joint ventures and venture capital funds.

Foreign Individuals

If you are an individual who wants to register a Singapore company, you have come to the right page.

There are two main work visas options if you wish to relocate to Singapore to run your business.

However, if you do not wish to relocate to Singapore, you may engage us for our Nominee Director service.

Foreign Companies

If you want to expand your business or considering the feasibility of having a long-term presence in Singapore, you have come to the right page.

Singapore offers a number of options for companies such as yourself to do so. In addition, it offers 100% foreign ownership of companies, an attractive tax framework and no restrictions on the repatriation of earnings and capital.

Singapore Residents

Setting up a company in Singapore is relatively simple for residents. However, you need to determine which business entity will meet your needs.

The three most common business entities available for registration in Singapore are Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Partnership and Private Limited Company.

Shelf Companies

we strive to meet our clients’ needs. One of our invaluable services is to provide shelf companies that have been incorporated in Singapore.

Note: All of our shelf companies offer you the option of a free name change to one of your choice. Ownership can usually be transferred within an hour and we provide you with all electronic and printed documentation as well as a statutory company register.