Are you shipping your car or other vehicle overseas? Trust our moving services to safely ship your car or motorcycle. All quotes are competitively priced and include packing and shipping whether you are permanently or temporarily exporting your vehicle.

Car Shipping

HPS understands how important your car is to you wherever you are in the world. That’s why our car shipping service is second to none. With experience in shipping to Singapore or Malaysia, we pride ourselves in professional, secure shipments that are handled carefully and expertly from start to finish.

To ensure that your car is kept in the safest, most-secure way possible, we carry out routine checks and preventative tasks beforehand such as placing absorbent silica gel bags to catch any moisture that may gather as you car embarks on its journey. Piece of mind is provided every step of the way through our tracking service that allows you to monitor the location of your car.

International Car Shipping and Storage

HPS is dedicated not only to providing a premium car shipping service but also to ensuring that your car arrives at its destination at a time that suits you. It is possible for HPS to arrange storage for your vehicle until you arrive in the country and to specify an exact location for the delivery of your vehicle.

International Motorcycle Shipping

Have you purchased a new motor bike overseas and need to have it shipped home? Or perhaps you are embarking on an adventure overseas and want to take your motorcycle? Exploring a new country on your motor bike is a journey like no other — just you and the open road with new adventures and experiences to be made. Whatever your reason for requiring shipping, HPS will take the correct precautions to make sure your motorcycle is shipped safely and effectively.